The River Vale Educational Fund awards $87,000 to the District.

Friday, September 21, 2012 @ 12:02 PM
posted by: RV Ed Fund

September 11, 2012 – The mission of the River Vale Educational Fund is to advance 21st Century learning opportunities and resources for River Vale students and teachers.  The Fund is further bringing its mission to life with the grants and/or projects recently awarded to the District.  

In addition to the following grants, the RVEF also funded a brand new Digital Photo Lab, at Holdrum, that debuted this fall.

  • Teacher’s College.  15 district teachers attended the Teacher’s College workshop at Columbia University.  The purpose of the workshop is to increase awareness of the role and value of the stages of the writing and reading process and to gain confidence and skills required in the teaching of reading and writing.
  • Guiding Students Through Reading and Writing.  Two district teachers attended the “Guiding Students through Reading and Writing” workshop.  The purpose of the workshop is to expand strategies for tailoring writing/reading instruction to student’s needs.  Two iPads, apps and a whiteboard were included.
  • Laptops.  60 new laptops have been awarded to Roberge and Woodside schools. 
  • Instrumental Music Technology.  This grant was awarded to the Holdrum Music Dept.  The grant will provide access to media and other applications to enhance and expand the current music offering.
  • Family Literacy Night.   K-2 families can experience first-hand the activities of the District balanced literacy initiative.  Handouts will be given out to the families.
  • Sound Field Amplication Systems.  Three systems were awarded to the district to improve the classroom environment in pre-school, kindergarten and primary self-contained classrooms.  Benefits of the amplication system include improved learning and increased student attention. Research indicated an increase in verbal and analytical test performances.

An additional $15,000 worth of grant money will be given to the District, for this school year, at a later date.

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