Document Cameras Make an Impact Across District

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 @ 1:43 PM
posted by: RV Ed Fund

“We are having so much doing math. We write math problems. We are getting faster in math. Elmo is so much fun!” stated Alicia, a 2nd grade student at Woodside school, referring to her classroom’s use of the Elmo Document Camera. The document camera bundle, which included a projector and rolling cart was part of an 11-unit award by the River Vale Educational Fund in December across all three schools. Document cameras, also known as digital visualizers, enable teachers and students to project objects, worksheets and microscope-linked images to a screen while also allowing for digital picture and video recording. They are considered a “must have” for the 21st Century Classroom.

“Document cameras are one of the most impactful classroom technologies available today. Not only are they powerful instructional tools, but they are easy and practical for teachers to use out of the box, to engage students and enhance teaching strategies in the classroom.” stated Alex Urrea, President of the Educational Fund.

“I have seen the ELMO (document camera) in other classes but was not aware of all that it could do to enhance what we are learning in class.” stated Jeanette Hampson, 2nd grade teacher.

The document cameras have made such a positive impact that many other teachers have requested their own. Therefore, the River Vale Educational Fund recently announced that it will award twenty (20) more bundles this Spring!